Sheshnag Lake Trek

Sheshnag Lake Trek The Most Popular Day Trek in the Kashmir Valley

Sheshnag Lake Trek

Sheshnag Lake Trek is one of the famous alpine lake treks in Jammu and Kashmir. This trek is also one of the most exotic summer treks. The water of the lake is clean and clear due to its low algae production. The lake is a pathway to the famous pilgrimage place Amarnath Yatra. During the yatra, Hindu devotees go to this Lake before visiting the Amarnath Yatra. The Amarnath cave is around 25 kilometers from this Lake. The lake is spread over an area of 1.1 kilometers in length and 0.1 kilometers in width. This exotic lake is surrounded by mountains from all sides. You can explore the entire valleys and lakes of Pahalgam through Pahalgam sightseeing.

About Sheshnag Lake

An altitude of 3590 meters above sea level, Sheshnag Lake is an oligotrophic lake (water body with low protoctist content and high-quality clear water), home to many fish species along with brown trout. The lake appears green in color thanks to its lush green meadows that surround it creating it a wide-ranging beauty to admire. With a measurement of 1.1 kilometers long and 0.7 km wide, the lake is considered as one of the most stunning sights of Jammu and Kashmir tourism.
Sheshnag Lake is especially fed by the streams and snow mountains on top of it and it always freezes in winter. In addition to its scientific importance, the lake also has special significance for Hindu followers. There are numerous mythological stories associated with the lake, but the most commonly believed is that Sheshnag Lake belongs primarily to Sheshnag, the Lord of the Snakes, and is alleged to have been dug by the Lord himself. Since its presence on the way to the Holy Amarnath Cave, Sheshnag Lake is also a sacred pilgrimage site. Travelers will simply trek this must-visit Pahalgam tourist place from Chandanwadi valley, that is simply about 7 miles away. Between June and September it’s best to go to this lake when it’s simply accessible and at the best of the scenery.

Sheshnag Lake Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Pahalgam – Chandanwari – Zojibal

Early in the morning we start our day tour from Pahalgam to Chandanwari to Sheshnag Lake. The trail passes through some of the most beautiful maple and pine forests along the Lidder River during the trek. After a 9-10 km walk up soft slopes, the trail enters Chandanwari’s beautiful valley. You may stop for lunch between the green mountains. Then starting again, the trail ascends initially for a few kilometers to Pissu Top (11,000 feet) from where you get amazing views all around. Zojibal is 5 km from Pissutop. It’s a straight rocky walk from Pissutop. Overnight stay at Zojibal.

Day 2: Zojibal – Nagakoti – Sheeshnag

The distance between Zojibal and Nagakoti is about 2 KM and has a moderate climb. In these 2 Kms, altitude increases by 300 feet. There are some beautiful streams of mountains between these points. In more than an hour we covered this short distance with the courtesy of some photo session. Some part of this 2KM distance is very narrow and Yatris is not allowed to travel on ponies. They must walk through this narrow path.

Our next and last destination for today was the Sheshnag Lake after Nagakoti. Sheshnag Lake is the origin of beautiful East Lidder River. From Nagkoti, the Sheshnag yatra camp is 2 km away and you can enjoy the amazing views of this charming lake just after 1KM. After the lake’s first glimpse, you will forget all the journey’s tiredness. The lake’s first scene is small light blue colored water appearing between two small hills and a small stream flowing through the gap between those two hills. Overnight stay at Sheshnag.

Day 3 : Sheshnag Lake – Chandanwari – Pahalgam

It’s time to head back to Pahalgam after spending the night on the shores of the lake.Follow the same trail for about 4 hours to Chandanwari.  The trail passes Pissu Top and a spectacular, primeval countryside. Take a break after reaching Chandanwari and then start trekking again, and this section will take you through dense maple jungles. Follow the same trail to reach Pahalgam. Stay at either Pahalgam for the night or board a vehicle and head to Srinagar.

Sheshnag Lake Trek FAQ’s

How far is Sheshnag Lake from Chandanwari?

The lake is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from the Chandanwari. It will take you around 5 hours to reach the Sheshnag Lake from Chandanwari base camp. The ideal time to start the trek is early in the morning to complete the entire trek.

What is the easiest lake trek in Kashmir? 

The Sheshnag Lake trek is the easiest in Kashmir. It contains a wide variety of trout fishes and the production of algae is very low. Apart from trekking, one can also enjoy trout fishing in this lake and the lake is regarded as the shortest alpine lake in Kashmir.

How far is Sheshnag Lake from Pahalgam?

Sheshnag Lake is located at a distance of 23 kilometers from the Pahalgam and 120 kilometers from Srinagar. You can also hire ponies from Chandanwari base camp to reach Sheshnag Lake. The entire trek trail is beautiful.

What is the main source of the Sheshnag Lake?

 The melting of snow and the streams coming down from the mountains are the main sources of this lake. The lake is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kashmir valley. The water comes out of the streams and finally merges with the Lidder River.

What is the significance of the Lake?

The Sheshnag Lake has special significance for Hindu devotees. There are many mythological stories related to this alpine lake and the most significant is that the Sheshnag itself lives here in this Lake. It is said that he dug the lake for himself.

What is the best time to do the Shehnag lake trek?

Summertime is the best time to do this trek. From May to October it is considered the ideal time to do this trek. In the winter season, the lake remains inaccessible and covered with heavy snowfall. Therefore summertime will be the perfect time to enjoy this trek.

What is the weather like in Sheshnag Lake?

In the summer season, the weather remains pleasant on days, the temperature at day time ranges from 15-20 degrees Celsius and the nights are still cold with the temperature -0 to -9 degrees Celsius. In the summer season, the wildflowers are blooming on the banks of the lake which offers scenic views of this alpine lake.

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