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Tulian Lake Trek Overview

The Tulian Lake trek is one of the best treks for nature lovers and people willing to capture the beauty of this beautiful reservoir. This glacial reservoir has a unique appearance as it resembles the number 8, and its greenish-blue water attracts tourists. Tulian lake lies in Pahalgam town within the Anantnag city of Kashmir. It is located between Pir Panjal and Zaskar, ranges at an altitude of 3,684 meters. There is a reason behind Kashmir known as Heaven on Earth; Pahalgam looks like a fairytale having a hidden gem of Tulian Lake. Tulian Lake surrounds by snow-clad mountains from three sides. Tulian lake offers breathtaking views of snow-clad peaks and trails in dense forests. The Tulian Lake is a freshwater lake that lies in the meadows surrounded by pine trees, remains frozen during the winter and welcoming for the rest of the year. The reservoir has chunks of ice floating in it. The color of the lake and the surrounding meadows with snow-clad mountains is quite mesmerizing. The valley is home to the Bakkarwal community, and they can be soon along the way.

The lake is 16 kilometers southwest of Pahalgam.  Tulian Lake Trek consists of three parts. In the first part, we start from the Kanimarg base camp that is 6 Kilometres away from Pahalgam. The natives in the Kanimarg base camp also provide services of horse riding and guides. In the second part, we come across lovely and snow-clad mountains with a beautiful river running along. In the third part, we are finally experiencing the breathtaking view of Tulian lake. When you reach Tulian Lake, you will feel mesmerizing and energetic. Hard work always has great results. We advise that you should trek in a group of at least 3-4 people. The best time for Tulian Lake Trek is from May to November.

Trip Highlights

Tulian Lake a lake and tourist destination at Pahalgam in Anantnag District of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It lies at an altitude of 3,353 meters (11,001 ft) above sea level, 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from Pahalgam and 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Bai Saran. The lake often has chunks of ice floating in it. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains that rise 300 meters (980 ft) above it and that are usually covered with snow. It is located in a meadow dotted with pine forests.
The lake lies between the two Himalayan mountain ranges of Pir Panjal and Zanskar.

Tulian Lake Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Pahalgam to Kanimarg via Baisaran: :
Leave from Pahalgam to baisaran early in the morning. The trek is moderate and you can see lush green meadows and grazing lands till you reach baisaran. You can have a little rest here and then move towards Kanimarg for overnight stay. Enjoy your camping experience, have your dinner and campfire will review your stress and you will feel calm and far away from day to day special routine. If you love to see stars in the sky overnight you can have a never before experience of being in your solar system in a clear sky night.
Day 2: Kanimarg to Tolyan valley: :
Have your breakfast pick your ruckshaks and get ready to see marvellous meadows, valley and woods, snowy mountains in natural equipped scenery. This trek is also moderate and you can enjoy nature with adventure while moving on to tolyan valley. Tolyan valley is a Beautiful place where you will fell in love with natural beauty. Tolyan valley is located at the bottom of the Tolyan Lake. Rest and have a nap here for overnight stay.
Day 3: Tolyan valley to Tolyan Lake and return to Kanimarg: :
On day 3rd you can trek to Tolyan Lake in the morning. This place is awesome and here you find a natural lake arising from a glacier beautifully collected in a natural basin of mountains. On reaching this place you will feel on top of the world and have a feeling of satisfaction and emotion. In the afternoon you leave for Kanimarg on the same trek and in the evening have an overnight stay here.
Day 4: From Kanimarg back to Pahalgam:
Early in the morning you have your breakfast and having enjoyed your camping experience you move back with remarkable memories, photos, videos and your guide to Pahalgam. In the afternoon you reach baisaran and have a rest in the lush green meadows and by evening you will reach Pahalgam.

Tulian Lake Trek FAQ’s

Where is Tulian Lake trek?
The Tulian lake is situated in the Pahalgam district. It is slightly towards the west of Kashmir. The trek starts from Ganesh Bal, just 2km away from the famous touristy town of Pahalgam.

Is it safe to trek in Kashmir?
Yes, it is safe to trek in Kashmir. Talking about the Tulian Lake trek, while the trek remains untouched during times of unrest, getting to the base camp or onto the trail might raise concerns in times of unrest.
So, here are certain pointers to keep in mind when you are travelling from Srinagar to Pahalgam and then Aru:

  • If you’re staying overnight at Srinagar, stay in touristy areas like Dal Lake or Lal Chowk.
  • Blend in with the crowd in terms of dressing and behaviour.
  • Avoid going to downtown areas. Stick to tourist spaces as they tend to be safer and well-protected during times of unrest
  • Don’t panic if there is a curfew. Keep calm and wait for it to pass.

How long is the Tulian Lake trek?
On the Tulian Lake trek, you cover 30 km in 5 days. The altitude ranges from 5,200 ft in Srinagar all the way to Tulian Lake at 12,087 ft. You’ll cover an average of 6 km every day. This is why the Tulian Lake trek requires good preparation.

How difficult is the Tulian Lake Trek?
Tulian Lake trek, which climbs to 12,087 ft, is not really difficult. It is rated as ‘moderate’. That too only because trekking days are slightly long.

  • A moderate rating refers to marginally longer trekking days with a few steep climbs (example: climb to Tulian Lake). This makes it a notch more difficult than the easy-moderate treks.
  • But the trek has easy exits and there are no technical sections.
  • On average, you cover 6 km every day. This includes gradual ascents and descents.

How fit do I need to be for Tulian Lake Trek?
A Himalayan trek like the Tulian Lake trek requires a really good fitness level. The trek has long climbs and steep descents daily. As a measure of your fitness, we need you to:
Run at least 5 km in 35 minutes before your trek. The consistency of your workout also matters, so aim to jog 25 km a week or 100 km in a month. It’s a minimum mandatory requirement if you wish to trek with us.

Will I get a mobile network and charging points during the Tulian Lake trek?

I am more than 58 years old. Can I do this trek?
Yes you can!
If you are above the age of 58 years, you’ll need to submit a Treadmill Test (not older than 12 months) within a week of completing your trek registration. Apart from this, you should also be able to jog 5 km in 45 minutes.

Is Offloading available on this trek?
Having too many mules on a trail isn’t good for the ecosystem. This is why, at Endless Tours, we do not encourage offloading. A trekker carries his/her own backpack in the true spirit of trekking.

But if — due to a medical condition — you are unable to carry your own backpack, you may offload your backpack.

Is Cloakroom facility available on this trek?
We have a cloakroom facility available at the basecamp for extra luggage. It costs Rs 200 per luggage. You can keep up to 10 kg.

(The luggage could be a backpack/suitcase/duffel bag or anything similar.).

Can I complete Tulian Lake trek in 2 Days?
Yes, it is possible to complete tulian lake trek in 2 days. But it requires good fitness level as you will be required to do 4-5 hours trek on 1st day and 8 hours trek on second day. Camping is done at tulian valley for 2 days trek. If you wish to complete it in 2 days, you can directly book from our website and inform us by call or email that you want to finish it in 2 days.

Is special permit required for Tulain Lake trek?
Yes, Permit and Insurance are made mandatory by the J&K government.

Can I camp at Tulian Lake?
No, camping at Tulian Lake is restricted by the government as the water is used by locals for drinking purposes. Camping is done at kanimarg or tulian valley base camp.

What’s the best time for Tulian Lake Trek?
Best season for tulian Lake trek is from June till September end.

Is Tulian Lake trek affected by Amarnath yatra?
No, tulian lake and Amarnath yatra have completely different routes. It is never affected by the Amarnath yatra.


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