Kolahoi Glacier Trek

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Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Kolahoi Glacier Trek is a lifetime trek in Kashmir. Traversing across the lush meadows of Lidder valley and beside the river streams and famous Kolahoi Glacier is a delightful trekking experience in Kashmir. The trek reaches Kolahoi Glacier – the largest glacier in Kashmir. The glacier sits vastly under the shadow of Kolahoi Peak – the highest peak of Kashmir. The gradient of the trek is moderate. The total distance is around 52km reaching the highest altitude of 3800m.

The trek starts from Aru village which lies 112km off Srinagar. This village is the most scenic in entire Kashmir. It serves as the base for most of the best summer treks and expeditions in Kashmir. The first day of the trek is a drive to Aru. While driving towards Aru, you will see the breathtaking Kashmir valley. The ride goes via NH1 Highway and meets Lidder river before Pahalgam. You will be driving through the famous Pahalgam.

From Pahalgam, you will take left towards Aru. At Aru, our campsite will welcome you with a welcome drink. You will meet your trek leader there who will give a brief about your trek and journey ahead. Around 7 you will have dinner in the middle of this fascinating valley.

Trip Highlights

The Kolahoi Peak, also known as Gashair, has fuelled the dreams of technical climbers and ski mountaineers since the early 1900s.This incredible trek of Kolahoi Base Camp Trek takes us deep inside the forest of Lidder Vally and over high alpine pastures, as we venture towards the Kolahoi Glacier/ Kolahoi Base Camp to get up close to this mighty peak. (5734m) metres.
The Kolahoi Base Camp Trek route begins in the beautiful flower strewn meadow of Aru, and takes us through the rich pine forest of Lidderwat and Satlanjan (a shepherd’s paradise) to the terminal moraine of the Kolahoi Glacier also know as Kolahoi base camp for mountaineers.
It is beautiful trek starts through the pine forests and beautiful meadows of breath taking views on the way to Kolahoi Glacier. It is also biggest and highest glacier peak in Kashmir.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Aru to Lidderwat 

  • Trek Distance: 10km
  • Altitude: 2,426 m to 2,780 m
  • Time taken:6 hours

The gradient of the day is easy, however, there is a long walk of around 10 km. The trail starts with a short ascent and then enters into the jungle for about 5 km. The jungle is thick and at a few places opens wide giving way to the shepherd houses and deep gorges towards your left. The jungle is full of birds and you will see the trail frequented by shepherds and ponymen.

After the jungle walk, the trail opens onto a vast wavy meadow. The meadow is far-stretching with a couple of river crossings. In the midway of this meadow walk, you will be walking just beside the river Lidder. The river dances and flows delightfully. The grass of the meadow just goes to the bank of the river. You can relax and rest for some time at any of these beautiful locations on the way. 

Fill your water bottles with this clean glacial water. The water in these river streams comes from Tarsar Lake and Kolahoi Glacier. This river will be your travel partner until the Kolahoi base.

While walking for some time, you will see a triangular wooden hut towards your left. You will have to walk straight and the campsite is just a 10minute walk from there. You will be welcomed with evening snacks and drinks.

Day 2: Lidderwat to Satlanjan

  • Trek Distance: 7 km
  • Trek Duration: 6 hours
  • Altitude:2780m to 3400m

The gradient of the day is easy to moderate. After a hearty breakfast start for the day. The trail gets into a boulder section that you will have to maneuver before the valley of Satlanjan opens with a vast and lush meadow. The river streams are pure white and clean gushing beside the mountain hem. This is a gorgeous view of the area.

Immediately after 3 km around, you will reach Susrin which has a Nala flowing. This nallah is called Susrin Nallah. You will have to cross these river streams towards Satlanjan valley. The campsite at Satlanjan is just one hour trek from Susrin. 

Satlanjan has earned its name from the fact that in this valley seven tributaries come out of a stream gushing from Rohil valley. This is a joyful valley with river streams, towering mountain peaks, and valleys. You will reach the campsite by 3 p.m. Relax in the pleasant and luring beauty of this valley.

Day 3: Satlanjan to Kolahoi Glacier

  • Trek Distance: 9 km
  • Trek Duration: 6 hours
  • Altitude:3400m to 3800

This is the day you will reach Kolahoi Glacier. The day is easy to moderate. As you will leave your campsite in Satlanjan, immediately you will see the gorgeous waterfall of Chainbal. This is a small and lovely waterfall cascading down beautifully. The trail from here takes a sharp ascent which is heavy on your legs. The trail goes alongside the famous Dudhsar Nala. It then passes over some boulder sections. 

The trek is strewn with stones, rocks, and boulders. The campsite is located at the Kolahoi Glacier Base. Enjoy your camping beside the sprawling glacier.

Day 4: Kolahoi Glacier to Satlanjan

  • Trek Distance: 12 km
  • Trek Duration: 7 hours
  • Altitude:3800m to 3400

This day is lake day. From Kolahoi campsite, the trail reaches up and a steep climb goes to Dudhsar Lake. The trail is again full of boulders and rocks and then a meadow. From the meadows, it’s an easy trek to the lake. 

Dudhsar Lake

This lake is the pristine and less visited alpine lake of Kashmir. Owing to its distance and altitude from Aru, this lake has remained less explored. And thankfully less exploited. The view of the lake and the surrounding snow-peaked mountains leaves you spellbound.

Day 5: Satlanjan to Aru

  • Trek Distance: 17 km
  • Trek Duration: 8 hours
  • Altitude:3700m to 2426m

This is the longest trek day. Prepare for the day and get yourself geared well after your breakfast. However, the walk is mostly via flat and wavy meadows along the river stream. The trail is not dangerous or threatening. One has to meander through boulder sections, grasslands, river streams, and a patch of jungle. You will reach Aru by 4 p.m. This finishes the Kolahoi Glacier Trek.


How Difficult is Kolahoi Glacier Trek ?

The gradient of the Kolahoi Glacier Trek is moderate. What adds moderate gradient to this trek is on some days the trek is long and goes over boulder sections. This trek also has some ups and downs on its trail. As you will be seeing Kolahoi Glacier, you must be careful of traversing this glacier.

The glacier has receded over the last many years which has resulted in the hollowing out of the glacier. It has crevasse all around it. You should not walk towards the glacier on your own without the support or consent of our Trek Leader.

Best time to do Kolahoi Glacier

Kolahoi Glacier trek is a summer trek. The best time to do this trek is from May to October. In winter the trek remained closed because of the heavy snowfall in the regions. The trail towards this trek completely goes under heavy snow. 

How to reach the Kolahoi Glacier Trek?

The nearest airport to this trek is Srinagar airport. After landing in Srinagar, the cab from Endless Tour and Travels will ferry you to the base camp situated at Aru. This is the easiest and most convenient way to reach the Kolahoi glacier trek. You can reach by railway, however, the nearest railway station to this trek is Jammu station from where you will have to board a shared cab. 

Kolahoi Glacier Trek Distance

The distance of this trek is around 55km. This is completed in 7 days which includes the day of acclimatization at Aru. 

Kolahoi Glacier Trek Cost

The cost of the Kolahoi glacier trek is 14000 per person. The cost includes your trekking essentials and essential logistics. It also includes your all meals and trekking staff. 

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